The Mind of Matt Davis

The Mind of Matt Davis


Who am I?  Do I even know?  A struggling black man in this world looking to grow.   Born Pre-Maturely into a world that doesn’t accept flaws.  Made fun of all my life when will be the last straw.  Not accepted by my own, tolerated by others.  Wondering if it’s normal not to have a strong bond to my own mother.  Or even my father but no fault of their own, introverted personality I always stand on my own.  Libra personality I want peace and love.  But I still feel alone even while surrounded in the club.  Is this normal or an illness, should I even feel this.  Depression is looming looking to kill this.  This person I am, it’s not who I want to be.  I feel like I failed in life I just want to be set free.  The curse and the gift, I know I am smart as a whip.  I’ll take a knee beside Colin Kaepernick.  Again, rejected by many in my own race, disrespected and laughed at right in my face.  And the whites are no better, many hate us all.  So blacks stand united because divided we fall.  On the outside, I smile but inside I hurt, biggest fear is death, lying trapped in the dirt I never been open about the things I felt, I wonder if anyone else has thought about killing themselves.  I am sure everyone has but again I am too smart to try to do it, so I rage, battle internally and push through it.  Judged by blacks, not accepted by whites, so who will stand next to me while I am living this life.  Justice system crooked, trying to modern day enslave us.  I am already in my own Prison, the mind of Matt Davis



The Fall of Ronda: Over 4 years in the making

The Fall of Ronda Rousey:

Disclaimer: I am neither a professional writer nor journalist, I am simply a fan explaining why I feel the way I feel outlining facts and opinions of those facts.

Ronda Rousey, UFC’s cash cow and biggest draw has fallen.  A bunch of people immediately after the kick seen around the world that dropped Ronda quickly chimed to provide their opinion and perspective.  Many people are sighting that this is what Ronda deserved for being so arrogant, cocky, and disrespectful.  I feel the same way.  I was at work today listening to Cari Champion’s 11/20/2015 Be Honest podcast where she feels like the reason for Ronda is getting the backlash is due to Ronda being a woman, acting like a man.  I wish I was listening to this live because I greatly disagree.  I think one her being a woman greatly PROTECTED her from society.  The things she got away with as a woman if a man was in the exact same situation we would have been killed for the hypocritical things.  I will not apologize for my dislike of Ronda.  I do not like her but my reasons were beyond Holly Holm. My first time going to watch UFC was 12/28/13 Ronda vs Tate 2.  I just really started following UFC and MMA hard then and I knew how Ronda and Tate did not like each other and Ronda to me was a jerk on Ultimate Fighter.  I went into this fighting rooting for Tate.  As the fighters made their way I immediately knew Tate was going to lose.  I saw how overly peachy and happy she was.  She smiled way too much.  I was thinking to myself “You hate this girl, why are you smiling so much?”  Ronda came in like a loose Pitbull that no one knows who the owner is.  Ronda Rousey completely dominated this match and I was very disappointed at the mentality Tate displayed.  However I noted how Ronda was very disrespectful after the fight which I do appreciate because it lets me know as a fan the bad blood was real.  However, the Ronda hype machine had started.  I get Ronda is a big draw.  Since then I have gone to watch several UFC fights at the local bar here in Richmond, VA.  Ronda fights draw the biggest Crowd.  I watched Anderson Silva vs Weidman 1 & 2 , John Dodson vs Demetrius Johnson 1&2, Paige VanZant fights, Tate vs Jessica Evil Eye and none of them draw like Ronda.  For a Ronda fight I have to get to the bars by 8pm.  For the others I can arrive at 10 and still get a table.  I won’t deny Ronda is a good fighter but I always questioned how great she is.  In the UFC 135 woman’s division outside of Cat Zingano and Miesha Tate name a good fighter she has faced because it is a very weak and thin division talent wise.  What really made me dislike Ronda is not only Ronda herself but everything around her contributing to protecting her.  From Dana White, Joe Rogan, to her bandwagon fans, they all have played a part in why I believe this is karma.  To me Ronda is a walking double standard , media creation, and hypocrite and I will break down key points on why I feel this way.

Protection for Ronda hiding her flaws:

I will not apologize I am a Miesha Tate fan.  I liked her since her second fight with Ronda and though I was mad at her mindset combined with the fact that Ronda was the better fighter than night, I like her attitude, progression as a fighter.  Dana White prior to the Tate vs Jessica Evil Eye fight he stated if Tate wins that match she will become the number 1 contender.  I was excited.  I watched Tate win her last 3 fights and dominated and shown improvement in her strike game developing an overhand right , showing ability to take Sara McMann  power punches, and showing off her improved ground game. Tate defeated Jessica Eye and became the number one contender.  Now during this time Ronda had just finished defeating an overrated Bethe Correia who was beating up no names.  I was itching for Tate to finally get her chance now as a completed fighter.  Instead Dana screws Tate in favor for at that time undeserving Holly Holm.  Remember Bethe was ranked 7th when she received a fight.  Holly was ranked 11th and now that Holly has won Tate is now bumped from 1st to 2nd even though she has been sitting there waiting for a shot and Ronda is on a 6 month medical suspension and is due to film a movie.  I blame this on Dana protecting Ronda for challengers.  Now that Holly has won and I have learned more about her I feel like Dana and it has shown in recent interviews with Cari’s friend Ramona Shelburn interview how Dana was hurt.  He thought Holly Holm like many other fans thought she would be another cupcake for Ronda.  Dana seems to be more sad that Ronda loss than happy for Holly winning.  Dana is already talking about it not too early to talk about a rematch as if Tate has not been sitting since her victory over Jessica Eye has not been the number 1 contender.   So why is the number 1 contender an afterthought?  Why is Tate not deserving of a title shot? So Dana once again screwing Tate out of a title shot and is so pissed that Ronda lost he wants to try to force Holly to rematch vs Ronda in hopes his cash cow gets the title back so we can go back to hearing “she’s the baddest woman on the planet!”

Why hasn’t Dana or Ronda pushed to fight Cyborg?

I am also a fan of Cyborg.  I was quite tired of hearing Ronda trash Cyborg making excuses of not fighting her.  If you so called can’t find good fighters Dana and your 135 weight class is  trash, why not Ronda and Dana challenge yourself to someone whom every MMA fan believes to be the best female fighter outside of Ronda which is Cris Cyborg Santos.   Every time someone brings it up Dana’s first excuse is weight and that Ronda at that time was champion.   Well in MMA and boxing there is a thing called catch weight.  Cyborg is the 145 champion and Ronda is the 135  champion, so why can’t a catch weight non-title bout happen?  If you have a watered down 135 division Dana and Ronda then challenge yourself, find a worthy opponent and that opponent if Invicta’s 145 champion Cyborg.  However, Ronda has been ducking Cyborg for quite some time coming up with excuse after excuse. I wasn’t even supposed to see the Holm fight. I vowed to myself never watch another Ronda fight unless it was against Tate or Cyborg.  Only reason I saw the Holm fight was one of my friends was celebrating his birthday and wanted to see her fight so I tagged along.  Here is a quote from Ronda back on Dec 21, 2011 ” I’m going to try and make her go lighter. She’s going to try and make me go heavier. We’ll probably meet in the middle. We’re going to have to agree to something because that fight needs to happen. The time and the weight is all that we need to figure out” source is http://mmajunkie.com/2011/12/strikeforces-rousey-believes-cyborg-fight-needs-to-happen-but-wants-135-pound-belt-first

That quote is important.  Ronda has been the champion for quite some time.  She has the 135 belt so what is the excuse.  She has constantly ridiculed Cyborg for failing a 2011 drug test of PEDs.  Cyborg failed the test in 2011.  We are in 2015 and since then Cyborg has not failed a test so what is Ronda and Dana’s hold up?  Why does Ronda still to this day insist Cyborg make the weight? Well Holly Holm showed why Dana and Ronda want no parts of Cyborg.  Ronda was a Dana and media creation that was his meal ticket and cash cow to revive the popularity of the UFC.  I can’t deny Ronda has been GREAT for the MMA woman’s division, woman across the world, UFC, everyone has benefited from the fabrication that Ronda was super woman.  However I still cannot comprehend nor understand why a former 154 Juda Olympian, a former 145 strikeforce fighter insists her until last  11/14/15  challenger drop down to 135?  Well apparently people knew something.  http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1575865-cris-cyborg-asked-for-ronda-rousey-in-strikeforce-was-told-shes-not-ready#articles/1575865-cris-cyborg-asked-for-ronda-rousey-in-strikeforce-was-told-shes-not-ready

Cyborg was told Ronda is not ready for a real challenger, a real fighter, a real striker and Dana protection of her, the excuses absolutely annoy me. The fans are the worst ones.  These are the same fans got on Floyd for “Ducking Manny” “Ducked Manny until Manny was past his prime” Do we forget that Floyd is the older fighter of Floyd and Manny so if anyone was past their prime it was Floyd.   The point being is Dana and Ronda still insist a Ronda and Cyborg fight won’t happen unless and only unless it is at 135 even though Ronda is willing to go up to up to 145 to fight Gina Corano, a woman who was destroyed at the hands of Cyborg forced into  but won’t meet Cyborg at 140? http://mmajunkie.com/2014/03/ronda-rousey-willing-to-fight-at-145-for-gina-carano-and-only-gina-carano

This is just another example of Ronda and Dana if Gina was willing to come out of retirement to easily boost her aura of her mystic by having Ronda move up in weight class to fight a broken, beaten, and out of shape Gina.

You can’t tell me you are willing to move up to fight at 145 to fight Gina Carano then tell me you can’t fight Cyborg at 140 especially when you were fighting previously at 154 in the Olympics.  Ronda has repeatedly called Cyborg a steroid user and name called her yet refuses to fight, siting she needs to drop to 135 to put her at a clear disadvantage instead of an even fight of 140 or back to her original weight of 145 in strikeforce.

Ronda has questioned Cyborg’s gender http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1060127-ronda-rousey-questions-cristiane-cyborg-santos-true-gender but we are supposed to look up to her as a role model? She stated Cyborg should be charged with homicide http://www.foxsports.com/ufc/story/ronda-rousey-cris-cyborgshould-be-charged-with-attempted-homicide-110314 .  Cyborg has been willing to come down to 140 so why won’t Ronda who seems to hate her so much take the fight? http://www.bloodyelbow.com/2014/11/19/7245323/ufc-wmma-cris-cyborg-responds-to-ronda-rousey-says-lets-meet-in-the-middle-at-140-lbs

Joe Rogan an employee of UFC and commentator of UFC matches has repeatedly disrespected Cyborg as a person and woman and by Dana lack of real punishment or say it seems like he doesn’t disagree with Joe. “Where would I start? She’s the only person that cuts weight by chopping off her dick”


This is what a top UFC employee says about a woman who could bring in the biggest match of UFC history?

Ronda has repeatedly continue to accuse Cyborg of still using Steroids even though she has passed over 20 test since 2011 failed test, countless fight test, and  even oftered to do Olympic blood testing.  Ronda , Dana , and Joe continue to make excuses for not making the Cyborg fight happen.   When Middleweight Champion of  185 wants to move up to 205 to fight the best UFC fight Jon Jones http://www.mmanews.com/jon-jones-says-wants-fight-chris-weidman/  http://mmajunkie.com/2015/08/chris-weidman-planning-eventual-move-to-205-wants-dream-matchup-with-jon-jones and many other great champs like Anderson Silva,  GSP, have moved up and down and fought the best available opponent why does Ronda get the excuse?

Domestic Violence

This is where Ronda benefits the most of being a woman.  Woman can do no wrong in domestic  violence situations.  Society gives women a pass in this area because society views women as not equal as men and essencially a lot of women are okay with it.  I am not okay with ANY domestic violence situation and I don’t buy the gender excuse.  Meaning no matter if you are a man or a woman, you do not put your hands on ANYONE.  As a woman I feel you do not use the EXCUSE that you are a woman as a reason for you to be able to do whatever to a man and not have consequences for those actions.   If you are a grown adult, you know not to do certain things to other adults.  I am not advocating for men beating woman, I am not advocating for any violence.  I am advocating equal views, equal treatment, and more importantly everyone keeping your hands to yourself.  Society has a perception that no matter what a woman does it not okay for a man to react in any way but to walk away.  Don’t believe me? Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOyrYThlOag

In Ronda’s book “My Fight, Your Fight”  Ronda talks about a domestic violence situation basically describing beating up her ex-boyfriend   MMA fighter Timothy DiGorrio,and NO ONE cares, no one investigates, no one holds her accountable. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/early-lead/wp/2015/11/11/when-it-comes-to-ronda-rousey-is-there-a-domestic-violence-double-standard  Here is a quote from the book “I punched him in the face with a straight right, then a left hook,” she writes. “He staggered back and fell against the door.[Expletive] my hands, I thought. I can’t hurt them before a fight.

“I slapped him with my right hand. He still wouldn’t move. Then I grabbed him by the neck of his hoodie, kneed him in the face and tossed him aside on the kitchen floor.”

If this was a man, ESPN, CNN, FOX NEWS, UFC, and every news outlet would be OUTRAGE along  with America yet Ronda gets a pass.  For a woman who was SO HARD on Floyd Mayweather it doesn’t seem her closet in that same area is clean.  Yet no one cares.  That pisses me off and makes me despise Ronda even more.  You can’t come after Floyd for Domestic Violence when you basically snitch on yourself, bragging almost about it in your new book, then refuse to talk about it.  Then after you dog Floyd for his transgressions which no one is excusing, your new boyfriend Travis Browne, though inconclusive evidence was found was still accused of domestic violence. http://mmajunkie.com/2015/08/travis-brownes-reinstated-after-inconclusive-evidence-in-domestic-violence-investigation As someone who was this against domestic violence and continues to spew hate at Floyd who did do his time,  you can’t be associated let alone dating a man who was even accused of domestic violence.  However, Ronda continues to get a pass for that.



I will not apologize for not liking Ronda for her treatment of Cyborg with bullying and ducking, her fans excuse her behavior but I will not.  I will not apologize for not liking her for being a total hypocrite and benefit of a double standard from society’s view on domestic violence.   Her unwillingness to fight the top fighters doesn’t  get a pass from me.  As you can see these are things she been doing , getting passes on since 2011.  Her lost to Holly Holm was sweet karma for me.  I think in the bar I was the only one happy.  Everyone else was in shock, disbelief and I bet she has very few “real “ fans who will support her, or come watch her  fight anymore.  Dana and Joe can’t protect her anymore, she finally was exposed.  When she didn’t touch Holly’s gloves the world saw who Ronda was.  At that point the selling of the fight stops and it time to be classy.  She was rightfully humbled and reaped what she sowed.  She benefited from being a woman and deserved to fall for her countless classless moves.  If this was a man we would kill him.  However the reason why she doesn’t get a pass now and got the backlash was because Holm was not a jerk at any point.  People could hate on Tate, Correia who attempted to out Ronda, Ronda, or even Cyborg just because she is Cyborg.  When you rise to the top stepping on people, not being humble and appreciative, when you fall, you fall hard.  I’ll be fair.  I think Ronda has the perfect chance to reinvent her image to people who really follow MMA and not just fair-weather fans.  Most of Ronda’s fans are casual.  The real fans of MMA not just Ronda saw through this.   Ronda has a chance to rebrand and rebuild herself not just as a badass in the ring but someone who is more likable outside.  I don’t mind you selling me a fight, but you don’t cross the multiple lines she crossed.

I will properly state and even own to being bias, but I am seeing her through my perspective, through my opinion.  She was a star that crashed and burned. The Ronda I seen , followed, study, watched how UFC and Dana built her up, kept feeding us daily, is a person who I never saw as “ The baddest Woman on the Planet” or a role model, or this invisible person.  I never brought the hype.  Eventually all competitors get exposed but Cari Champion brought up how does an undefeated champion act? Well I don’t see Chris Weidman, Demetrius Johnson, Lebron James, Peyton Manning, Ray Lewis, Johanna Jedrzeczyk. Maya Moore,  Candice Parker acting like jerks.  Those are champions, those are people who exemplify a behavior I want to see from my champion.  I don’t mind style, flair, swag, spunk.  However it’s a line between those and being classless and from what I read, seen, hear, and know, Ronda doesn’t show class and her downfall was much deserved.  I hope she learns this humbling lesson and comes back to be great in and out the ring and also demands the best opponents not cream puff fighters.  She can be so much bigger and better than what she shown me and I hope she turns it all around to avoid this backlash.

Blog written by Matt Davis.




Mystery Woman
She patiently waits for you
Hoping that you will treat her right
Wanting you to show her you’re different
Looking for a king
So she can be your queen
Warm meals, great sex
And all she wants is your loyalty and respect
You be her protector
She will be your nurturer
She may be emotional
She may be confused
She may love
She may hate
She may cry
She may smile
So who is she
She is a woman


Me to You

I know I done wrong and haven’t treated you right

I trying to better myself and change with all my might

You been down since day one and been right by my side

I got to change and swallow my pride

See chasing hoes may cause you to walk

Communication is key even though I don’t like to talk

Even through the struggle, you stayed next to me

And I just want to say I love you and have you next to me

So forgive my all my wrongs and everything i put you through

Cause this song from the heart, this is from me to you.


America’s Ugly Truth

We love to think America is this great country that is prosperous.  It is the land of the opportunity.  The home of the free.  However how true is that.  America history from the time Christopher Columbus came here Oct 12, 1492 landed in the Bahamas.  This trigger many more explorations until finally European sailors made there way over here.  Countless native Americans were killed off via genocide and diseases brought by European Settlers.  Thanksgiving is a day historically celebrates that genocide.  Our great country took African Americans who were sold to them by African rulers and continue slavery.   President Lincoln issued the emancipation proclamation as part of a political movement not because he viewed African-Americans as equal.  He did it because he thought it could help swing the war and save the union.  Women in the United States fought for equal treatment, rights, and voting rights under law from 1848-1920.  Women were finally given the right to vote August 26 1920.  African Americans were segregated until 1964 by Jim Crow laws and weren’t granted voting rights until 1965.  Now currently the LGBT is fighting their battle for equal rights and equal treatment.   Currently 13 states still outlaw and make it unconstitutional for a man to marry a man and a woman to a woman.  Michael Sam was the SEC defensive player of the year in the year 2014.  Entered into the NFL draft ranked around a 3rd round pick and due to political reasons and the NFL scared to embrace an man who is open about being gay he dropped to the 7th round and after the rams cut him, he was never given another NFL roster spot.  America has been built and continues to be built on discrimination and only time progress is made it seems to be for an economical gain or political gain.   So when I say racism and prejudice is alive it is.  The racism is hidden behind police brutality, prejudice laws forcing religious beliefs denying those of their rights,  through ones who continue to deny that race doesn’t play a matter in thoughts, perception, or beliefs.  On Feb 7 it was reported by NBC12 that Chesterfield police successful subdued and tased an armed white man carrying a shotgun.  http://www.nbc12.com/story/28048393/chesterfield-police-use-taser-on-man-armed-with-gun .   Now which begged a question.  How come a man with a shotgun didn’t make police trigger happy?  Why is it that they were calm and not afraid for their life.  Why is a white armed man less scary than an unarmed black man.  Another example of how stereotypes work.  An rookie Arizona cop by name of Tyler Stewart responded to a domestic violence call.  The suspect appears white upon response.  The suspect has his hands in his pockets the whole time.  The officer asks him does he have any weapons in his pockets and doesn’t even search immediately.  Here’s the video footage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MoUUh_N1G1w .  Now unfortunately the officer was shot and killed on body cam as the suspect pulls out a gun and shoots the officer.  Now why wasn’t the officer more proactive in searching the suspect.  Why did he believe the suspect in when he asked if he had any weapons.  Why wasn’t the officer afraid?  Why did the officer allow the suspect to have his hands in his pockets the whole time?  Yet if an unarmed black man is seen by police they treat it with more caution and attention to detail on high alert.  Now we all know the Michael Brown story.  Now here is video of a white man coming up behind a cop sucker punching him and tackling him to the ground.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8AvmPxdUerA .  Now why wasn’t this officer “scared” for his life.  The Black Cop didn’t even seemed too worried for his partner.   They even had a good ole fashion street fight with the cop trying to poke the man in the eyes.  Michael Brown couldn’t have done this nor any other minority.  This is why we say police treat and view us differently and it is shown by the reaction of police or lack-thereof.   One views and stereotypes of whites and blacks unfortunately cost him his life.  Another got into a street brawl which could have ended worst.  This is why hands up don’t shoot marches occurred and I can’t breathe.  We witness a cop use an ILLEGAL choke move on camera and didn’t get indicted.  This is why African-Americans and minorities don’t like the police because we are always viewed as a threat and not given the benefit of the doubt but a white man is given that benefit.  The benefit got one cop killed and another punched in the face.  So to circle around the discrimination of the LBTG community will continue to be spread until our government and the rich an privileged can find the next gain on “giving the LBTG” community their rights and freedom as America has an ugly truth.


Josh Gordon: Missing the progress

I titled this Josh Gordon : Missing the progress for several reasons.  Let me make a few statements.  I am an African-American male coming from not poverty but an okay family.  I am a die hard 49ers fan so I have no issues with Josh Gordon’s team nor am I someone you can label racist.  With that being said let’s begin.  I am all for uplifting my race.  I want my race to get out of stereotypes, discrimination, and poverty.  I want my race to be respect, not fear, and giving equal rights.  I took some time to read Josh Gordon’s open letter posted here (https://medium.com/the-cauldron/an-open-letter-to-charles-barkley-co-cb5c4e64cf3).  The level of ignorance and sophomoric mindset is appalling.   Newsflash Josh Gordon, people do not need to know you to judge you.  I don’t know you Josh Gordon and we will probably meet.  However, you are the same brother who will always be the one caught with the weed in the car and then claim racial profiling.  You can’t claim racism, discrimination, or profiling if you give credence to the issues.  You can’t say I am not an addict when you continue to fail test whether it is alcohol or weed.  Guess what you can claim you are not an addict all you want but the fact is you  failed 3+ test now dating back to college at Baylor.  You are literally throwing away your life and money.  You point the fact that people don’t know you so how can they judge you.  Well that is how the world works.  If I was to get arrested for a DUI and my mug shot was posted on my local news channel here you know what many people in the state of Virginia will say especially white people?  They would say ” There goes another dumb black male thug who can’t control his liquor.” Not knowing all the times I drove after going out but cut off drinking at a certain time and waiting a certain amount of hours to make sure I am sober.   You must understand that 1 mistake outdoes 1000 right decisions and that is the world we live in.  You know Stephen A Smith, Cris Carter, Chuck , and now myself are so upset.  It is because you not only let yourself down but you let your family down, your teammates down, your hometown, and your race.  Understand that we as African-American men have a responsibility to be better than others, to go above and beyond to prove we are not the typical nigger or negro.  As far as America has come from racism there are still views had outside of the black community that we as Black Male together must work together to erase.  What pisses me off more than anything is you don’t take ownership.  Instead of taking what others say as dang they really care about me and what people might say about me, you point the finger at them, get angry with them , and ignorant to the fact that whatever tough love they may be giving out is no where NEAR the level of hate and disgust whites have with you.  You think Stephen A Smith hates you or Cris Carter hates you?  Then you definitely don’t want to know what the 64% of Americans think of you.  Understand this we don’t want you to fail, we are mad that you ARE failing and not realizing your potential.  Sure you might have made it out the hood physically, but have you mentally?  I sympathize with your childhood, I understand it was tough for you.  However, we ALL have had some form of trials and tribulations especially as black males whether it be drugs, gangs, violence, broken homes, discrimination, we all had our own test we have to overcome. You allude to your childhood and the area you grew up in as weed and alcohol were always around and just the norm.  Yes you were kid and you probably had to grow up fast.  However you are 23 years old playing in the NFL.  You are not the 16 old kid where weed and alcohol are the norm.  You say you are not an alcoholic yet you could not wait until right after you”thought” your ban was supposed to be lifted to drink again.  So what does that say to people to the outside looking in?  At some point you have to cut the hood off or advise those around you to help you help  yourself.  Your friends and family if they care about your well-being since you seem to believe that only people who know you can judge and care about you then THOSE people should not bring those items around you.  I am glad you didn’t become a gangster or a gun-toting thug.  If you think we want you to fail you are sadly mistaken. Understand when you fail we all fail, when you win we all win.   You say we will owe you an apology if you are able to turn it around your wrong.  We may shake your hand, we may hug you, pat you on your back if you do decide to mature and take advantage of the MULTIPLE chances not only Cleveland has given you but the NFL has given you.  Understand who you are. You are a black man living in white america and ONLY because have god given talent (hall of fame) talent to play football is why you been given multiple chances.  There are plenty others who didn’t get the multiple chances as you.  Look at Jamarcus Russell, Marcus Vick (Mike Vick’s brother)  those guys never got a SECOND chance.  Chad Johnson had ONE off the field incident never got a second chance.  Michael Sam former SEC defensive player in the year didn’t even make it out of PRESEASON and regardless what anyone tells you it’s only because he openly said he was gay and we all know that.  Did you know that a white male with a criminal background has the exact same chance of getting a job as a black with no background?  You are blessed and we just want you to see your blessing and reach your potential.  If you ever do succeed it’s not an apology you will receive, in fact none are needed.  What we will say is in the words of Lebron James ” About damn time.”


Black Man’s World

The struggle of a black is one that few can imagine.  The constant battle of not being a sell out and embarrassment is an internal turmoil.  Everyday you must represent not only yourself, but your family, your race in an uplifting manner.   The responsibility to not only be tough but also likable by society.  We have to present ourselves in an approachable manner.  Constantly battling do we stand up for ourselves or give in.  Pressures from black women challenging us to prove our manhood by being physically dominate even violent towards them, other black men challenging our self worth and if we are worthy of their respect, white society challenging us mentality to see if we are dumb monkeys, we are consistently having to prove ourselves.  Am I an uncle tom or am I a statistic.  One thing I myself pride myself in doing is educating myself.  I don’t believe everything the media says, most of history taught in schools is only from one perspective and half the truth, and there is always two sides to a story.  We as blacks are constantly blame white privileged for our lack of advancement but are you in position to claim that?  You can’t say fuck the police while being a felon.  You don’t become a felon if you did the right thing.  A dope/drug dealer, a robber, a pimp, thugs, and gangsters are not people in position to make that claim.  Yes racism against us exist but if you are giving credence to the racism then who are you to protest it.  I see police brutality and it pisses me off.  Hands up don’t shoot and black lives matter are slogans create by us to let people know we matter in society too.  We not saying we only matter but we are saying we matter just as much as white, Latinos, and Asians as well.  I have to constantly be better than whites and I am not racist but I know my role in society and the uphill battle of inequality I have to face.  In order to get an opportunity to show that I am worthy of a job or opportunity I have to be better than my competition and not equal to them.  I have to outwork, outsmart, out everything them because I am the minority, I am the undervalued, and I am the Black Man

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